The story behind Singlemade

I love to cook and I’m always trying new things. However, all too often I find the recipes I try out are not quite on point. After another botched experiment, I turned to my brother Kobus, hoping he’d confirm my grievances. His strife proved to be elsewhere, though. My brother is the sweetest guy alive, but he hasn’t found the sweetest girl alive just yet. So he cooks for himself and is often annoyed by the size of the dishes described in recipes. Most are written for four people. After applying mathematics to the recipe (i.e. dividing everything by four), he’s left with half a tomato, 3/4 of an aubergine and a partly cut up onion.

When Kobus does find recipes that are usefully divisable, they are usually specced with exotic ingredients, that he rarely uses afterwards. Having successfully processed a full tomato, his kitchen cabinets are overstacked with herbs and spices: cardamom, turmeric, piment, fenugreek, za’atar, ras el hanout … you name it, he’s got it gathering dust somewhere. And of course Kobus has scrounged the internet voor recipes for one person, and they do exist! Except they are focused on college students, who apparently only ever eat pasta.

It doesn’t end there. Kobus likes to cook properly every now and then, but he isn’t a routined chef. He doesn’t always know what to do and when to do it. For example, all of a sudden the recipe asks to add an onion, but when were you supposed to chop it? Chaos often ensues and discourages the enthusiastic single cook.

So single-cooking can be frustrating. Being the sweetest sister in the world, I promised Kobus to jot down a few simple single-recipes. Sweet & Sour Chicken, Chili Con Carne, Chicory Gratin, Tunaburgers,… All dishes are prepared under Kobus’ watchful eye and he keeps asking for more!

Soon I realized that my brother is no exception. Several singles around me are voicing similar complaints. Time to spring into action: here comes Singlemade!

What can you expect

Singlemade are simple, one-dish recipes*

They are written in a form so that even the biggest noob can cook. Really!

  • ‘Mise-en-place’, or cutting everything in advance, is something for restaurants, not for a home-cooked meal. Every step is explained along the way. So a chopped onion will never suddenly jump at you in the recipe. The onion is listed among the ingredients in advance.

  • Because it’s not always possible to buy ingredients in small amounts (like a cauliflower), we give you enough recipes to process everything, so you’re not stuck with leftover ingredients that’ll just go bad

  • We love healthy food and we strive to incorporate as many fruits and veggies as possible.

  • We don’t like the overuse of exotic herbs and spices and hard-to-find ingredients. We keep it simple.

  • All recipes are tested by our Singlemade-testpanel. Read all about it here.

*this is not always possible, due to the nature of the ingredients and to avoid spillage. Bigger dishes (usually for two) are marked clearly in advance.

Who am I

My name is Minne and I’m the brains behind Singlemade. Let’s be clear from the start: I’m not single. Even worse: I’m happily married!

How in the world could I be suited to develop recipes for singles? That’s easy: I always have a volunteer around the house, willing to test and (almost) objectively critique my recipes.

What else is there to know?

  • I’m a trained cook, baker and teacher.

  • I’ve worked two years as a patissier – chocolatier, and none as a teacher.

  • I’m sensitive to wheat products, so I can’t eat confectionery anymore, but chocolate all the more!

  • I’m blessed with the OR6A2-gene that makes coriander (cilantro) taste like washing powder. So you won’t find many dishes with fresh coriander on Singlemade.

  • I don’t cook according to any style. I just cook according to how I feel at that moment and get creative with the ingredients at hand. I believe the term is: fusion.

  • Until I created Singlemade, I rarely followed a recipe and we never ate the same dish twice. Singlemade has changed our lives dramatically. :-p