BBQ-special: 5x BBQ-salad

Singlemade: 5x BBQ-salade

We’ve all been there. A hot summer’s day, you run into some friends, shoot the breeze, and someone decides to light up his barbecue. You promise you’ll swing by with some meats and a salad. The meat’s never a problem, but the salad? A bag of lettuce won’t survive the heat and you do want to look like you put in some effort…

Up next are 5 super easy, delicious recipes that will make you the salad king!

They’ve been designed upon request by the Singlemade test panel. These salads aren’t one-person dishes, but big bowls you can serve amongst the other salads!


Red beet with feta and mint

Cauliflower rice with roasted cashews and apricot

Zoodle salad with redcurrants (or pomegranate)

Pasta salad with arugula pesto and tomatoes

And what better way to test these salads than by hosting a barbecue? That’s why we decided to host one and gave some homework to each invitee: to make a Singlemade salad. It was a wonderfully tasty evening with a bunch of salad-kings! 🙂


Follow our Singlemade heroes into the fray and try this recipe! Share your Singlemade creations through #singlemade_it@singlemade of!

Have fun cooking and… bon appétit! 🙂

Feel free to comment! ;-)