Course: Appetizer

Singlemade: mango dip, ready in 5 minutes

Mango dip à la Anniepannie

Here we go again with a mango recipe. Ik thought I would limit myself this summer to the mango lassi, but Anniepannie changed my mind. I was intrigued when she posted this mango dip on her Instagram feed. Just three ingredients, mango included… I immediately looked up the recipe and loved it so much I …

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Singlemade: sheet cake with green asparagus

Sheet cake with green asparagus

There’s no denying it’s asparagus season! Every food blogger has posted at least one asparagus recipe so Singlemade had to keep up! White or green asparagus? A no-brainer if you ask me. I prefer the green ones because they don’t require peeling. I’ll always be a lazy chef, so if I can get away with …

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Singlemade: tzatziki


Tzatziki, weird to spell and pronounce, but the taste is anything but weird! Tzatziki is a barbeque-staple and is always on hand in my fridge in the summer. It works great in a salad, in a wrap or as a dip. It just goes with everything! During summer we eat a lot of tzatziki, but …

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Singlemade: Pina colada

Guestblog: Piña colada #Kentstyle

“If you like piña coladas, this recipe will save you some pain. If you desire something tropical with flavours exciting to your brain.” -Kent Wright- This piña colada sits about halfway between a slurpee and a cocktail. It’s great for slurping during summer and to forget all your worries. The recipe has been created by …

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Singlemade: Gin&It

Guestblog: Gin & It #Kentstyle

Time for a new single-proof cocktail! I dragged in the master of cocktails: Cooking-4-One’s very own Kent! This Gin & It is one of his current favourites. It’s incredibly easy to make, but the combination of flavours is simply divine. Not a Gin & Tonic this time, but a gin with vermouth (or Martini, for …

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Singlemade: pizza-wrap

Wrap pizza

It’s a wrap! 🙂 Tortilla wraps are great to cook with. And they’re fun! Just like pizza! But pizza can be heavy, so here’s a ‘light’ pizza with a tortilla for a bottom! It’s ready in a minute in the frying pan and it has plenty of vitamins! I’ve made two varieties (bacon bits – …

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Singlemade: Pink beetroot dip

Pink beetroot dip

I love dips. Most of all because they’re so much more than a dip: you can use them in a salad, spread them on a sandwich or in a wrap. They’re a healthy substitute for mayonnaise (but not with french fries! :-p)… In short: Singlemade needed a beetroot dip recipe! Pinterest is filled with beetroot …

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Singlemade: black olives tapenade

Black olives tapenade

We’ve already been over pesto and hummus, time for some tapenade! I went for a simple timeless classic with black olives and anchovy. To prepare for this intro, I had Google tell me that the word ‘tapenade’ is derived from the Provençal dialect’s ‘tapéno’, meaning caper. But we’re not using capers in this Singlemade-variation… I …

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Singlemade: homemade hummus

Homemade hummus

When I was little, there was only cocktail sauce. These days you won’t find a tray of dips without hummus and guacamole! We’ll take care of the guacamole later, today is hummus’ turn! When you look up a recipe, they’re basically all the same: chickpeas (duh), cumin, lemon juice and tahini. I have a recipe …

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Singlemade: homemade rucolapesto

Homemade arugula pesto

Pesto is incredibly easy to make. With a powerful blender, you’ll whip up a batch in 5 minutes. So no more excuses: you’re done buying jars of pesto, because it tastes so much better homemade! And it doesn’t always have to be basil or tomato! There’s a plethora of herbs and ingredients you can add. …

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Singlemade: homemade tuna salad

Homemade tuna salad

When I was a kid and I was at a reception, all we ate were mini appetizer toasts! They had every kind of topping: surimi, salmon, egg, meat, cucumber, tuna,… with some chive on top or some parsley. Simple, delicious and easy to eat: grab it with one hand and eat it whole! Nowadays, appetizers are …

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Singlemade: string bean tapenade

String bean tapenade

Tapenade is more than sundried tomatoes and olives! And it’s not just a dip! To prove this, I’ve made a variation with string beans, to be used as a spread, on a salad or with pasta. Sublime either way! String beans are extremely easy to cook. If you make some extra, you can use them …

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