Course: Side dish

Singlemade: Homemade egg salad

Homemade egg salad

During my latter college years, I worked a job in the university’s cafeteria. I must have made hundreds if not thousands of sandwiches. It was the best job ever: my colleagues were the sweetest ladies in the world and I was allowed to take leftovers home. I made a lot of people happy with free …

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Singlemade: carrot burger

Carrot-curry burger

A little while ago, Magda Dobbelaere shared her oat-burger recipe with me. I loved it! I eat oats by the pound, but it never occurred to me to turn it into a hamburger! I just knew I had to make a Singlemade-version! 🙂 I always let the moment and the contents of my fridge inspire …

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Singlemade: tzatziki


Tzatziki, weird to spell and pronounce, but the taste is anything but weird! Tzatziki is a barbeque-staple and is always on hand in my fridge in the summer. It works great in a salad, in a wrap or as a dip. It just goes with everything! During summer we eat a lot of tzatziki, but …

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Singlemade: Pink beetroot dip

Pink beetroot dip

I love dips. Most of all because they’re so much more than a dip: you can use them in a salad, spread them on a sandwich or in a wrap. They’re a healthy substitute for mayonnaise (but not with french fries! :-p)… In short: Singlemade needed a beetroot dip recipe! Pinterest is filled with beetroot …

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Singlemade: Tips & Tricks canned pumpkin/ pumkin puree

Tips & Tricks: pumpkin puree (as an alternative to ‘canned pumpkin’)

You need to go Stateside if you’re looking for pumpkin-spiration :-). Pumpkin pie, pumpkin hummus, (scary) pumpkin soup, pumpkin chili, pumpkin muffins, pumpkin pasta… There’s no end to it. But when you look at the ingredient lists, you’ll almost always find canned pumpkin there. Unfortunately, we’re not in the US and canned pumpkin is nowhere …

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Singlemade: homemade guacamole

Guacamole (à la Charlotte)

November 1st: it’s World Vegan Day! Even though Singlemade isn’t a vegan blog, you’ll find several veggie and vegan recipes here! For World Vegan Day we’re celebrating the fruit that’s widely used in veggie (and vegan) cuisine. 9 out of 10 photos of vegan dishes on Instagram or Pinterest feature an avocado in some form. …

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Singlemade: parsnip rösti

Parsnip rösti

Parsnip is a forgotten vegetable that Singlemade is bringing back! Even though it’s said to be a wintery vegetable, they’re on all shelves already. This white (albino) root is healthy and used to serve as a substitute for potatoes. And that’s exactly what we’re doing with this recipe. This recipe lets you make delicious rösti (hash …

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Singlemade: homemade rucolapesto

Homemade arugula pesto

Pesto is incredibly easy to make. With a powerful blender, you’ll whip up a batch in 5 minutes. So no more excuses: you’re done buying jars of pesto, because it tastes so much better homemade! And it doesn’t always have to be basil or tomato! There’s a plethora of herbs and ingredients you can add. …

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Singlemade: homemade tuna salad

Homemade tuna salad

When I was a kid and I was at a reception, all we ate were mini appetizer toasts! They had every kind of topping: surimi, salmon, egg, meat, cucumber, tuna,… with some chive on top or some parsley. Simple, delicious and easy to eat: grab it with one hand and eat it whole! Nowadays, appetizers are …

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Singlemade: string bean tapenade

String bean tapenade

Tapenade is more than sundried tomatoes and olives! And it’s not just a dip! To prove this, I’ve made a variation with string beans, to be used as a spread, on a salad or with pasta. Sublime either way! String beans are extremely easy to cook. If you make some extra, you can use them …

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Singlemade: grape-mozzarella BBQ-salad

BBQ-salad: Grape-mozzarella

Tomato & mozzarella make up a nice combination, but they’re nothing new. I tasted this mozzarella-grape combo at an expensive Italian caterer in Cologne. Not only the combination impressed me, the quality of the mozzarella was exquisite. I’m assuming it was a rare buffalo mozzarella, because it wasn’t cheap! But you don’t need expensive cheese …

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Singlemade: tuna burger

Tuna burger

Some days your fridge is empty and you don’t have the time or energy to go to the shops. At such a time, canned food is a godsend. Canned tuna should have a permanent spot in your pantry. But if you eat it plainly, it can be a bit dull. Because burgers are always a …

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