Cuisine: American

Minne style mac & cheese

Mac & cheese with ham is a classic dish that couldn’t be absent on Singlemade. But I’m not sticking to tradition and making my own version! :-p It stems from my time at uni. I wasn’t a typical student, neither partying-wise nor cooking-wise. No Aïki-noodles for me, I’d always make home cooked meals! Every two …

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Singlemade: Popcorn appetizers

Christmas vibes: popcorn appetizer

This week: (Christmas) appetizers! They take next to no time to make and are perfect to serve to unexpected guests. We’ll start off with popcorn! You can find recipes everywhere for sweet popcorn: caramel, cinnamon, oreo’s, chocolate, apple,… you name it. Savoury recipes are harder to come by. Time to make a change, because nothing …

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Pumpkin pie in a mug

It’s pumpkin season and Instagram is flooded with pictures of pumpkin pie for 4, 6 even up to 10 people. But a pumpkin pie recipe for 1 person is nowhere to be found. Time to make a change! 🙂 I have to admit I’d never really had pumpkin pie before, let alone made one. That’s …

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Singlemade: Tips & Tricks canned pumpkin/ pumkin puree

Tips & Tricks: pumpkin puree (as an alternative to ‘canned pumpkin’)

You need to go Stateside if you’re looking for pumpkin-spiration :-). Pumpkin pie, pumpkin hummus, (scary) pumpkin soup, pumpkin chili, pumpkin muffins, pumpkin pasta… There’s no end to it. But when you look at the ingredient lists, you’ll almost always find canned pumpkin there. Unfortunately, we’re not in the US and canned pumpkin is nowhere …

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