Cuisine: French

Singlemade caesar salad with green cabbage

Caesar salad with green cabbage

Caesar salad’s a classic to be found on almost any menu! It’s not very colourful, but the taste is great. To prove you can use more than iceberg lettuce, we’ll use green cabbage. There are many variants with different ingredients. Chicken, anchovy, some add avocado or capers. But the things you can’t leave out are: …

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Singlemade: black olives tapenade

Black olives tapenade

We’ve already been over pesto and hummus, time for some tapenade! I went for a simple timeless classic with black olives and anchovy. To prepare for this intro, I had Google tell me that the word ‘tapenade’ is derived from the Provençal dialect’s ‘tapéno’, meaning caper. But we’re not using capers in this Singlemade-variation… I …

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Singlemade: camembert croquette


Cheese croquettes aren’t that hard to make, but they take a lot of work. Firstly, you have to make a really thick Béchamel sauce by stirring until your arms hurt. It has to cool, then you have to cut it and bread it. With this Camembert-croquette we’ll skip ahead to the breading. And we’re doing …

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