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Anti-flu remedy
Apple-parsnip soup with mackerel toasts
Avocado-marzipan tater tots


Baked eggs in tomato cups with a creamy soup
Baked rice with egg, peas and bell peppers
Banana and Nutella nice cream
Banana rice pudding
BBQ-salad: cauliflower rice with roasted cashews and apricot
BBQ-salad: Grape-mozzarella
BBQ-salad: pasta salad with arugula pesto and tomatoes
BBQ-salad: Red beet with feta and mint
BBQ-salad: Zucchini with redcurrants (or pomegranate)
Beetroot pancakes (inspired by Beau and Nousjka)
Beetroot wrap with smoked salmon and fresh spinach
Black olives tapenade
Broccoli and chicken wok
Broccoli soup with Provençal pull-apart bread
Brussels sprouts salad with gorgonzola and figs
Butternut-pumpkin stuffed with rice and calamari


Caesar salad with green cabbage
Caponata à la Danoi #cookingwithferleon
Carrot-curry burger
Cauliflower in cheese sauce with sausage and potatoes
Cauliflower soup with chorizo and toast
Cauliflower steaks with spicy chickpeas and tapenade
Chicken & feta (à la Bernardine)
Chickpea red curry
Chili con carne
Christmas vibes: decadent Oreo-coconut-cocoa
Christmas vibes: guest blog Fox Basil Shake
Christmas vibes: lemon granita
Christmas vibes: mini sausage rolls
Christmas vibes: no bake chocolate cookies
Christmas vibes: popcorn appetizer
Christmas vibes: the world’s greatest tomato soup (à la Bernadette)
Christmas vibes: warm apple pie (with ice cream)
Christmas vibes: white apple glühwein
Cod and leek papillote
Corn-on-the-cob and sweet potato with herb cheese
Cucumber boats with red beans and physalis
Cucumber ice popsicles with mint and lemon
Cupcake in a mug


Easy brioche buns
Easy melanzane
Easy moussaka with sweet potato
Easy peanut butter cookies with just 4 ingredients
Eggs in buttermilk sauce
Eggs in pots (oeuf cocotte) with salmon
Eggs in tomato sauce with zucchini mash


Fat little banana pancakes
Fennel salad with spicy chickpeas and orange
Fennel with pollack filet and arugula pesto
Filo pastry ricotta-apricot pie
Flammkuchen with bacon and onion


Ghent Waterzooi
Golden curcuma syrup
Green cabbage spring rolls and peanut sauce
Green cabbage, tomato and mozzarella casserole
Guacamole (à la Charlotte)
Guest blog: Pad Krapao Nua
Guestblog: Gin & It #Kentstyle
Guestblog: Piña colada #Kentstyle


Halloween special: French onion soup with spiders
Ham rolls with chicory in cheese sauce
Hangover fixer elixir
Home marinated spare ribs with kohlrabi
Homemade arugula pesto
Homemade egg salad
Homemade falafel
Homemade granola
Homemade hummus
Homemade muesli bars
Homemade Nutella
Homemade pastries (with jam)
Homemade rhubarb-strawberry jam + tips & tricks
Homemade tuna salad


Irish lamb stew
Irish soda bread


Jerusalem artichoke gratin with Parmesan cheese
Jerusalem artichoke soup with granola


Lamb chops with fried beetroot
Lentil stew with cumin à la Golli
Lunchbox special: instant noodles
Lunchbox special: zucchini-feta muffins


Mango dip à la Anniepannie
Mango lassi and mango popsicles
Mash of Brussels sprouts with cutlet and mustard sauce
Meatballs and celery in tomato sauce
Mini-quiches with leek and smoked ham
Minne style mac & cheese
Mocha-Nutella porridge
Mustard-celeriac soup with smoked trout


No-knead-bread (from the Ferleon cast-iron pot)
No-stir risotto with chestnut mushrooms


One pot orzo with turkey and celery
One pot pasta with fennel and cherry tomatoes
Oven baked chicken drumstick with pumpkin and dates
Oven Baked chicken drumsticks with potatoes, spinach and parmesan cheese
Oven baked cod in smoked ham with olives and tomato
Overnight oats


Parsnip rösti
Pink beetroot dip
Pumpkin nice cream with peanut butter sauce and gin raisins
Pumpkin pie in a mug


Quick coco-lime soup with glass noodles and broccoli (vegan)


Red bean burger
Rolled oats risotto


Salmon with cauliflower couscous
Salmon-ricotta lasagna (gluten- and dairy-free)
Savoury fig strudel
Scary pumpkin soup with witches’ fingers
Scotch eggs with mushroom sauce
Sheet cake with green asparagus
Slurpy soup
String bean tapenade
Stuffed sweet potato with goat cheese, smoked ham and honey walnuts
Summer crumble
Sweet & Sour Chicken – Paula Style


Tips & Tricks: Keeping ginger fresh
Tips & Tricks: pumpkin puree (as an alternative to ‘canned pumpkin’)
Tips & Tricks: speedy (!) homemade mayo
Tuna burger
Two-style oven baked nachos: creamy tomato or hot & spicy


Udon noodles à la HelloFresh


White beans & cabbage soup with sausages
Wok with string beans, king prawns and curry
Wrap pizza


Zoodles with baked tomato and mozzarella balls