Ingredient: chicken drumsticks

Singlemade: Ghent waterzooi

Ghent Waterzooi

I vividly remember one of my first cooking lessons at the cookery school. We were making Ghent Waterzooi and it took us more than 3 hours! We needed to cut up the chicken first and then make a broth with the carcass. The broth was skimmed and sieved and used to cook the chicken. De …

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Singlemade: chick-au-vin


That’s right: chick-au-vin, because we’re making an easy coq-au-vin. The original recipe requires a rooster, as well as bacon bits and pearl onions for the sauce. This recipe only needs chicken drumsticks and mushrooms. But don’t worry, the taste is on par with the original! And it’s much easier to make. After just 5 to …

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