Ingredient: cooking oil

Singlemade: carrot burger

Carrot-curry burger

A little while ago, Magda Dobbelaere shared her oat-burger recipe with me. I loved it! I eat oats by the pound, but it never occurred to me to turn it into a hamburger! I just knew I had to make a Singlemade-version! 🙂 I always let the moment and the contents of my fridge inspire …

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Minne style mac & cheese

Mac & cheese with ham is a classic dish that couldn’t be absent on Singlemade. But I’m not sticking to tradition and making my own version! :-p It stems from my time at uni. I wasn’t a typical student, neither partying-wise nor cooking-wise. No Aïki-noodles for me, I’d always make home cooked meals! Every two …

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Irish lamb stew

Saint Patrick’s Day, the Irish National Holiday. It’s amazing to see how this little island turns the whole world green! Singlemade is doing its part to honour Irish heritage, so this week we’ll be posting 2 traditional Irish dishes. While I was doing my research, one thing jumped out at me: potatoes, potatoes, potatoes. The …

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Singlemade: shakshuka


In the beginnings of my being active on Instagram, one of my single followers posted Shakshuka. I had never heard of it before and my interest was instantly peaked. Shame on me, because I soon discovered that it’s a hugely popular dish. The origins of the dish aren’t very clear (Tunisia, Yemen,…?), but what I …

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Singlemade: Ghent waterzooi

Ghent Waterzooi

I vividly remember one of my first cooking lessons at the cookery school. We were making Ghent Waterzooi and it took us more than 3 hours! We needed to cut up the chicken first and then make a broth with the carcass. The broth was skimmed and sieved and used to cook the chicken. De …

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Singlemade: chick-au-vin


That’s right: chick-au-vin, because we’re making an easy coq-au-vin. The original recipe requires a rooster, as well as bacon bits and pearl onions for the sauce. This recipe only needs chicken drumsticks and mushrooms. But don’t worry, the taste is on par with the original! And it’s much easier to make. After just 5 to …

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Singlemade: oats risotto

Rolled oats risotto

Risotto’s delicious and actually not that hard to make. But if you’re making it according to the traditional recipe, you’ll have to stay by the stove to stir constantly and to add little drops of stock and wine to the rice, until it’s done, which can take up to 40 minutes. That’s just too much …

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Singlemade: chickpea red curry

Chickpea red curry

I prefer red curry over green curry by a mile. Growing up, I’ve had more than my share of green curry (from a packet) chicken and rice and even though my mom gave it her own twist, I’m just done with it! 🙂 Ever since I’ve gotten to know Thai and Indian cuisine, I’ve fallen …

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Singlemade caesar salad with green cabbage

Caesar salad with green cabbage

Caesar salad’s a classic to be found on almost any menu! It’s not very colourful, but the taste is great. To prove you can use more than iceberg lettuce, we’ll use green cabbage. There are many variants with different ingredients. Chicken, anchovy, some add avocado or capers. But the things you can’t leave out are: …

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