Ingredient: egg(s)

Singlemade: eggs in buttermilk sauce

Eggs in buttermilk sauce

This is a very special dish. My dad introduced us to it years ago in a bout of nostalgia. Its original West-Flemish name is impossible to translate but it’s something like ‘egg stompers in mush sauce’. Yes, we were a bit suspicious when he brought it up. We liked his eggs in tomato sauce fine, …

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Singlemade: shakshuka


In the beginnings of my being active on Instagram, one of my single followers posted Shakshuka. I had never heard of it before and my interest was instantly peaked. Shame on me, because I soon discovered that it’s a hugely popular dish. The origins of the dish aren’t very clear (Tunisia, Yemen,…?), but what I …

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Singlemade: Scotch eggs with mushroom sauce

Scotch eggs with mushroom sauce

Stiene’s uncle is the proud owner of industrious chickens that lay about 40 eggs a day. He lets his cousin share in the spoils and therefore Stiene’s fridge is overflowing with eggs. So she asked Singlemade for inspiration. We’ll start with an old standard: Scotch eggs. Usually served with tomato sauce, we’ll change things up …

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