Ingredient: Fresh ginger

Singlemade: Golden curcuma syrup

Golden curcuma syrup

Curcuma is a miracle spice. It’s anti-inflammatory, it detoxes and it helps your digestive tract. It’s good for your heart, liver, brains, in short, your entire body! No wonder golden milk was and is one of the most popular drinks in recent memory. In case you’ve been living under a rock, golden milk is literally …

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Singlemade: chickpea red curry

Chickpea red curry

I prefer red curry over green curry by a mile. Growing up, I’ve had more than my share of green curry (from a packet) chicken and rice and even though my mom gave it her own twist, I’m just done with it! 🙂 Ever since I’ve gotten to know Thai and Indian cuisine, I’ve fallen …

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Singlemade: hangover fixer elixer

Hangover fixer elixir

It’s almost New Year’s Eve! That means toasting to the new year and maybe going a bit overboard with the drinks. The odds are that you’ll wake up on the 1st of January with a bit of nausea, a headache and a sensitivity to light… In other words: you’re hungover! I did some research on …

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Singlemade: homemade falafel

Homemade falafel

Falafel… in one word: delicious! In a wrap, in a salad or as a snack, there’s always room for falafel. Chickpeas are its main ingredient. They are incredibly healthy and a great meat substitute, so we had to include them on Singlemade. And yes, I admit this recipe isn’t exactly traditional. We don’t soak the …

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Singlemade: Broccoli and chicken wok

Broccoli and chicken wok

Not too long ago, we made a cauliflower series and it seemed a good idea to do the same with broccoli. A full sized broccoli is too much for one single, so we’re splitting it over two recipes. And there are likely more to come! 🙂 This recipe has an Oriental touch and you’ll need …

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