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Singlemade: Easy moussaka with sweet potato

Easy moussaka with sweet potato

Moussaka, potatoes, minced meat and bechamel sauce… One of those delicious classics that usually take a lot of work. But what happens when a lazy chef tackles a classic? That’s right, get ready for moussaka done easy. Ok, ok, Greeks and purists will probably resent me for not sticking to tradition, but it’s just soooo …

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Singlemade: red bean burger

Red bean burger

The most entries we get through #Singlemade_it are tuna burgers, so I got the message: time for a new burger! 🙂 Following the tuna burger’s philosophy, we’re upcycling canned foods. This time its vegetarian, even vegan! Adding just 5 ingredients to a can of red beans makes for a great burger. Red beans are naturally …

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Singlemade: Pad krapao nua

Guest blog: Pad Krapao Nua

Luc Dingemans is Singlemade’s first guest! He surprises us with a Thai recipe, which he describes to be super easy, authentic and a real crowd pleaser! Well, he’s got our attention! 🙂 Okay, Dingemans doesn’t really sound Thai, but this Antwerp resident discovered oriental cooking by following love! His first love led him to the …

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