Ingredient: Lemon juice

Singlemade: Golden curcuma syrup

Golden curcuma syrup

Curcuma is a miracle spice. It’s anti-inflammatory, it detoxes and it helps your digestive tract. It’s good for your heart, liver, brains, in short, your entire body! No wonder golden milk was and is one of the most popular drinks in recent memory. In case you’ve been living under a rock, golden milk is literally …

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Singlemade: sheet cake with green asparagus

Sheet cake with green asparagus

There’s no denying it’s asparagus season! Every food blogger has posted at least one asparagus recipe so Singlemade had to keep up! White or green asparagus? A no-brainer if you ask me. I prefer the green ones because they don’t require peeling. I’ll always be a lazy chef, so if I can get away with …

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Singlemade: hangover fixer elixer

Hangover fixer elixir

It’s almost New Year’s Eve! That means toasting to the new year and maybe going a bit overboard with the drinks. The odds are that you’ll wake up on the 1st of January with a bit of nausea, a headache and a sensitivity to light… In other words: you’re hungover! I did some research on …

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Singlemade: lemon granita

Christmas vibes: lemon granita

Ice cream stollen are such a Christmas cliché! Time to feature a different kind of frozen dessert! To (easily) make ice cream, you need an ice cream maker. I don’t have one, so granita is the perfect icy alternative. You can compare it to sherbet: it’s made from water, sugar and fruit juice, but sherbet …

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Singlemade: avocado-marzipan tater tots

Avocado-marzipan tater tots

Marzipan tater tots are without a doubt my favourite tater tots! 🙂 And this time of year, you can get them everywhere, because Saint ‘Nicolas’ and his ‘zwarte pieten’ are coming to town. It’s a shame you can’t get them all year round, but maybe that’s a good thing, because they’re full of sugar! I’m …

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Singlemade: homemade guacamole

Guacamole (à la Charlotte)

November 1st: it’s World Vegan Day! Even though Singlemade isn’t a vegan blog, you’ll find several veggie and vegan recipes here! For World Vegan Day we’re celebrating the fruit that’s widely used in veggie (and vegan) cuisine. 9 out of 10 photos of vegan dishes on Instagram or Pinterest feature an avocado in some form. …

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Singlemade: black olives tapenade

Black olives tapenade

We’ve already been over pesto and hummus, time for some tapenade! I went for a simple timeless classic with black olives and anchovy. To prepare for this intro, I had Google tell me that the word ‘tapenade’ is derived from the Provençal dialect’s ‘tapéno’, meaning caper. But we’re not using capers in this Singlemade-variation… I …

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Singlemade: string bean tapenade

String bean tapenade

Tapenade is more than sundried tomatoes and olives! And it’s not just a dip! To prove this, I’ve made a variation with string beans, to be used as a spread, on a salad or with pasta. Sublime either way! String beans are extremely easy to cook. If you make some extra, you can use them …

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Singlemade: summer crumble with peach and apricot

Summer crumble

Most people think of winter when they hear crumble, because of the apples and cinnamon it’s usually made with. Apple crumble is indeed a perfect winter treat, especially when served warm with a scoop of ice cream and a fluff of whipped cream. Delicious! It almost makes you long for winter… Almost, because nothing is …

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