Ingredient: lemon

Singlemade: mango dip, ready in 5 minutes

Mango dip à la Anniepannie

Here we go again with a mango recipe. Ik thought I would limit myself this summer to the mango lassi, but Anniepannie changed my mind. I was intrigued when she posted this mango dip on her Instagram feed. Just three ingredients, mango included… I immediately looked up the recipe and loved it so much I …

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Singlemade: mango lassi

Mango lassi and mango popsicles

Whenever I go to an Indian restaurant, mango lassi’s the first thing I order! It’s by far my favourite way to consume mango! The best mango lassi I’ve ever had was in Antwerp at Ahaar. And that’s because they finish the lassi with freshly ground cardamom. I’ve been trying different Indian restaurants, but none of …

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Singlemade: anti flu remedy

Anti-flu remedy

Having a cold is awful. You’re not ill enough to stay home, but you’re hardly able to put in a decent day’s work because of all the snot. Mounds of wet handkerchiefs, teary eyes, sneeze attacks, a scratched up nose, a hoarse (sexy) voice, annoying coughs. Amongst all this dreariness, there is one silver lining: …

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Singlemade: homemade hummus

Homemade hummus

When I was little, there was only cocktail sauce. These days you won’t find a tray of dips without hummus and guacamole! We’ll take care of the guacamole later, today is hummus’ turn! When you look up a recipe, they’re basically all the same: chickpeas (duh), cumin, lemon juice and tahini. I have a recipe …

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