Ingredient: mozzarella

Singlemade: melanzane

Easy melanzane

Melanzane is an Italian classic: lots of tomato and cheese, no wonder it’s so popular. The melanzane’s base is aubergine. It’s cut into thin slices, precooked and dressed with fresh tomato sauce, mozzarella and Parmesan cheese. If you follow tradition, it’ll take you about 1,5 hours to cook. Singlemade doesn’t follow tradition, so I’ve developed …

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Singlemade: oats risotto

Rolled oats risotto

Risotto’s delicious and actually not that hard to make. But if you’re making it according to the traditional recipe, you’ll have to stay by the stove to stir constantly and to add little drops of stock and wine to the rice, until it’s done, which can take up to 40 minutes. That’s just too much …

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Singlemade: grape-mozzarella BBQ-salad

BBQ-salad: Grape-mozzarella

Tomato & mozzarella make up a nice combination, but they’re nothing new. I tasted this mozzarella-grape combo at an expensive Italian caterer in Cologne. Not only the combination impressed me, the quality of the mozzarella was exquisite. I’m assuming it was a rare buffalo mozzarella, because it wasn’t cheap! But you don’t need expensive cheese …

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