Ingredient: olive oil

Singlemade: Savoury fig strudel

Savoury fig strudel

The amazing summer has caused Sofie’s garden to bulk with figs. Hungry for inspiration, Sofie sent me an email, asking for original fig recipes. Nothing’s too much trouble when it comes to my loyal fans, so as soon as I was able to get my hands on some figs (I don’t have my own garden, …

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Singlemade: sheet cake with green asparagus

Sheet cake with green asparagus

There’s no denying it’s asparagus season! Every food blogger has posted at least one asparagus recipe so Singlemade had to keep up! White or green asparagus? A no-brainer if you ask me. I prefer the green ones because they don’t require peeling. I’ll always be a lazy chef, so if I can get away with …

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Singlemade: chicken with feta cheese

Chicken & feta

Time to reveal another family secret! This time it’s none other than aunt Bernardine’s signature recipe. One time she hosted a family gathering and treated us with this dish and everyone ended up fighting for the last scraps! The recipe was copied by all and ever since it’s been in our top favourites list. We …

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Singlemade: black olives tapenade

Black olives tapenade

We’ve already been over pesto and hummus, time for some tapenade! I went for a simple timeless classic with black olives and anchovy. To prepare for this intro, I had Google tell me that the word ‘tapenade’ is derived from the Provençal dialect’s ‘tapéno’, meaning caper. But we’re not using capers in this Singlemade-variation… I …

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Singlemade zucchini feta muffins

Lunchbox special: Guest blog Gemueseliebelei: zucchini-feta muffins

When I happened upon Claudia’s Instagram-account, Gemueseliebelei, I was immediately sold. So much inspiration to spruce up your lunchbox… I just knew we had to collaborate! 🙂 A few years ago, Claudia was diagnosed with Chron’s disease (in short: inflammation of stomach and intestines, with severe repercussions). Claudia decided to take matters into her own …

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