Ingredient: par-boiled beetroots

Singlemade: Pink beetroot dip

Pink beetroot dip

I love dips. Most of all because they’re so much more than a dip: you can use them in a salad, spread them on a sandwich or in a wrap. They’re a healthy substitute for mayonnaise (but not with french fries! :-p)… In short: Singlemade needed a beetroot dip recipe! Pinterest is filled with beetroot …

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Singlemade: Lamb chops with fried beetroot

Lamb chops with fried beetroot

Fresh beetroots are delicious, but cooking them is a messy job. The water turns dark red and stains terribly. And to add insult to injury, they take 40 minutes to an hour to cook! Too much of a hassle for Singlemade, so we’ll use par-boiled beetroots. Easy to use and available all year round! And …

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