Ingredient: Water

Singlemade: mocha Nutella oats

Mocha-Nutella porridge

Today, October 1st 2017, is International Coffee Day! All across the globe events are being held to honour this black concoction and of course Singlemade does its part! I’m no barista, so I can’t educate you on water temperature, grinding, milk foam, pressure and all the things that come together to make a great cup …

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Singlemade: Scotch eggs with mushroom sauce

Scotch eggs with mushroom sauce

Stiene’s uncle is the proud owner of industrious chickens that lay about 40 eggs a day. He lets his cousin share in the spoils and therefore Stiene’s fridge is overflowing with eggs. So she asked Singlemade for inspiration. We’ll start with an old standard: Scotch eggs. Usually served with tomato sauce, we’ll change things up …

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Singlemade: Broccoli and chicken wok

Broccoli and chicken wok

Not too long ago, we made a cauliflower series and it seemed a good idea to do the same with broccoli. A full sized broccoli is too much for one single, so we’re splitting it over two recipes. And there are likely more to come! 🙂 This recipe has an Oriental touch and you’ll need …

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