Quick coco-lime soup with glass noodles and broccoli (vegan)
Servings Prep Time
1large bowl 15minutes
Servings Prep Time
1large bowl 15minutes
  1. Cut the Chinese cabbage into chunks suitable to eat with a spoon or with chopsticks. Do the same with the broccoli.
  2. Heat a dash of oil in a small cooking pot. Lightly fry the Chinese cabbage. Douse with water and coconut milk and add the bouillon. Bring to a boil. As soon as it boils, add the noodles. Grate as much ginger over it as you like and add the juice of half a lime. Bring to a boil again.
  3. As soon as the noodles start to go soft, add the broccoli florets. Leave to boil for another 2 minutes until the broccoli’s al dente and season to taste with pepper and salt. Serve immediately, preferably with chopsticks and a lot of slurping!
Recipe Notes

Tip: If you like coriander, it’ll go great with thi soup. The same goes for black sesame seeds as a topping.

Like it spicy? Then go nuts with fresh chili or Sriracha sauce.

Tip: You can add any vegetable you like, just make sure they don’t need a lot of time to cook, like courgette or radishes (quartered). You can throw in some spinach at the last moment, or use frozen peas!

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