Scotch eggs with mushroom sauce

Singlemade: Scotch eggs with mushroom sauce

Stiene’s uncle is the proud owner of industrious chickens that lay about 40 eggs a day. He lets his cousin share in the spoils and therefore Stiene’s fridge is overflowing with eggs. So she asked Singlemade for inspiration.

We’ll start with an old standard: Scotch eggs. Usually served with tomato sauce, we’ll change things up by serving it with an easy and quick mushroom sauce.

Scotch eggs are served less and less, but they’re so good and easy to make. I do recommend cooking the eggs beforehand, so you’re not handling piping hot eggs :-). And if you have an egg or two extra, you can go ahead and make a delicious tuna salad while you’re at it!

Serve any side dish you like: a salad, rice, (mashed) potatoes, French fries,… We chose quinoa, as you can see in the picture.

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Scotch eggs with mushroom sauce
Scotch eggs with mushroom sauce
Course Main Dish
Prep Time 10 min
Cook Time 15-20 min
Course Main Dish
Prep Time 10 min
Cook Time 15-20 min
Scotch eggs with mushroom sauce
Preparing the eggs
  1. Boil some water in a small cooking pot. As soon as it boils, add a pinch of salt* and the eggs. Use a spoon to gently place the eggs in the water, this reduces the chances of them breaking later on.
  2. Boil the eggs for about 10 minutes. Big eggs need an extra minute. Use an egg timer!
  3. As soon as the timer rings, strain the water and lay the eggs to cool in cold water, until you can handle them.
  4. Peel them under the water to avoid getting egg shell everywhere.
  5. Boiled eggs will keep in the fridge for a couple of days!
The Scotch eggs
  1. Prepare the quinoa or your other side dish of choice according to its instructions.
  2. Put a fry pan over medium heat with a good dash of oil.
  3. Take out the minced meat and divide into halves. Knead the meat so it’ll stick together better, thanks to the warmth of your hands and the motion.
  4. Make a ball and flatten it between your palms.
  5. Now lay the egg in the middle of your meaty disc and wrap it in the meat. Pull the edges of the disc inward over the egg and gently knead and roll everything together. Make sure the seam is closed and try to spread the meat evenly.
  6. Repeat for a second Scotch egg.
  7. Add the balls to the fry pan and fry over high heat. Don’t move them around but just turn them over every 2 to 3 minutes until all sides are golden brown.
  8. While the balls are baking, cut the mushrooms into halves and into halves again.
  9. With the last turning over of the balls, add in the mushrooms alongside.
  10. Stir and season with pepper and salt. Let simmer over high heat for 2 minutes.
  11. Pour in half a box of cream.
  12. Stir and season to taste with pepper and salt. Leave to simmer and set for about 10 minutes over low heat.
  13. Stir every now and then and roll the ball around to soak up the sauce’s flavor.
  14. The Scotch eggs should be done in about 10 minutes, but cut one open just to be sure and, if need be, let it cook for another couple of minutes.
Recipe Notes

* A pinch of salt will get the water temperature higher, which speeds up the process ànd helps to avoid your eggs breaking.

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Input Singlemade test panel

Jomme and Stiene had to cook the Scotch eggs for a bit longer. Stiene thinks her pan was too small. She’s going out pan shopping soon! 🙂
Jomme cut open one of the Scotch eggs to see if it was done. Five minutes later, the other one was done, but he couldn’t seem to get the one he cut open to cook further. Tip: if you cut one open, turn it over to the side of the opening to cook it further.
Anyhow, it was a big success and a big hit with the fellas, both with Stiene’s boyfriend, as well as with Jomme!
Jomme’s tip: When the eggs are still warm, you can feel whether or not the meat is spread evenly around them. If the meat is warmer in certain places, add some more there.
Jomme’s tip: Are you into chicory rolls with ham and cheese sauce like him? Then be sure to add a handful of grated cheese to the mushroom sauce!

Valerie loved the combo of meatballs and mushroom sauce, but she doesn’t like eggs, so next time, meatballs only!
Valerie’s tip: For a lean version, replace the cream with skimmed milk. It will evaporate more quickly, so add more to avoid it burning. To bind it, use a little saucebinder.


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