The Singlemade test panel

Liquid chocolate mousse, bone dry tenderloin, black coconut cookies, raw roast chicken, brick-like bread rolls, we’ve all been there. There are so many recipes around that don’t make sense and it’s really discouraging.

To avoid these kitchen catastrophies we’ve founded the Singlemade testpanel. Singles* with different backgrounds and cooking experience, try out the recipes before publication. Besides their seal of approval, they offer handy cooking tips!

Here you can find the Singlemade test panel heroes. Do you want to join their ranks, scroll down! πŸ™‚ 

*Singlemade wants to inspire anyone who cooks for themselves. Of course this doesn’t mean that only singles (can) be part of the test panel. 

The Singlemade heroes

Caroline doesn’t see herself as a great cook, but does like to get busy in the kitchen and manages to whip up wonderful meals every time. She constantly feels as if she doesn’t have enough clothes, even though she has a lot more clothes and shoes than the average person. Standing at just 1m62 ‘tall’ she always feels she’s the smallest person in the room! And her boyfriend’s not helping, he’s about 2m tall!
Stephanie is the pretty half of identical twins. πŸ˜‰ A while back, she bought her own place. Besides decorating her new home, she likes riding her bike and knitting. She has one big love in her life: Boris, her doggy!
Stiene is proud of her home, is afraid of toes and can’t let go of her youth group. She’s impressed with people who can sing and can only wish she’d have some singing talent herself. But this doesn’t keep her from cutting loose! … when she’s by herself. πŸ˜‰
Kobus is the inspiration for Singlemade. Sweetest brother ever looking for the sweetest girl ever. Kayaking enthusiast, intelligent, critical and a distinct sense of humor.
Beau’s a graphic designer and a creative devil do all. In her own time, she’s a proper globetrotter, grabbing every opportunity to explore new horizons. Thanks to her many travels, she has a great love for exotic cooking!
Carine has a passion for animals, adopted two street-dogs and works as a volunteer for 'hands for paws'. She lows adding colour to her home with flowers she grows herself and during the nut-season, she makes the best Porto!
Christel has her hands full with her two little rascals. Other than her sons, she loves movies and especially those with Matthias Schoenaerts ;-). She has a lot of song lyrics memorized and is a regular participant at Antwerp sings. She loves going out with her girlfriends and enjoys surprise outings. A little while ago she bought her own house, which she’s now renovating, top to bottom!
Maya-time is fun-time! She's full of energy, entrepreneurial and has founded her own start-up with her sister. Keep an eye out for FindOut!
Jomme is the youngest member of the test panel and my favorite nephew. As a bio-engineer to be, he's enjoying the student life. He lives in a student house and usually cooks with friends, but for his niece he cooks for himself every now and then.
Bram’s a certified cook, baker and butcher, which makes him a Singlemade tester with plenty of experience! He’s an Africa connaisseur and has even trained a small army of cooks there. He’s been addicted to African cuisine ever since!
Kim’s a creative do-all and a sewing pro. She’s always dressed in the prettiest and most colourful skirts! A wife and a mother of three, she’s nevertheless a complete slob! Self-knowledge is a great virtue, so Kim’s taken to jotting everything down in her agenda to avoid constantly forgetting things!
Pieter is probably Leuven's tallest osteopath. Both professionally, as well as in his own time, he studies healthy food to look for alternative dishes to steer around allergies and food intolerances. His catchphrase: good fuel is the first step towards healthy living. That's why he's been cooking only with the freshest and most nutritional ingredients for years and he's always on the lookout for the next innovation!
Stijn’s a passionate gamer and airsoft warrior. And let’s be done with prejudice: gamers love to eat ànd cook! He has a quaint sense of humor. If you follow him on Instagram or Facebook, odds are you’ll stumble on one of his comedy cooking clips! And he’s a game streamer. Check him out on​!
Valerie hails from Limburg and it shows in her accent. πŸ™‚ She’s addicted to books: ‘It doesn’t matter, I’ll read anything!’ She’s a terrible typist and loves everything about Italy: the language, the culture, the food, the men...

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